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Lisa Borchetta,  MACP,  CMC,  PCC

“Every artist was first an amateur”
                                ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Huffington Post

Flying Out of the Zone” - Taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone

Divorce Support Center

Lessons from Flowers” - The importance of self-care.

Make a Wish” - Sharing special occasions.

Forward Footsteps” - Patience and strength moving forward, one step at a time.

You Will Get There” - Staying strong during the tough times.

Through the Eyes of a Child” - What you say to your children matters. -

Here Come the Holidays” - Negotiating happy holidays for all.

The New - Yours, Mine and Ours” - Blended Families.

Lessons from Cinderella’s Slipper” - Negotiating through the many words of wisdom.

Reset 101” - Remembering and using our simplest tool.

Life’s Lemonade Moments” - When life gives you lemonade...

In the Critic’s Ear” - Self-talk and self-care

Who’s in Control Here?” - Co-parenting and allowing for differences.

What are Your Passions?” - Connecting with what makes your heart sing?

Who’s the Victor?” - When it’s time to compromise - what’s most important

The Gift of Gratitude”  - Getting perspective and noticing what you are grateful for

What’s the Secret?” - Welcome to Your new world order

Who’s Watching the Kids?” - Co-parenting and letting go

Every Other Weekend” - Dealing with Your new, free time

The Olive Branch” - Tips for Successful co-parenting

Grieving the Loss from Divorce” - The five stages of grief and the how they show up during divorce

The Values and The Message” - The importance of connecting with our goals and values

Just Keep Pedaling” - Getting used to your new independence

A Little Help Along the Way” - How a professional can help

When Words Do Hurt” - What to do, and not do, with negative feelings

Common Denominators” - Finding goodness in bad times

PR Web

Press Release- and Lisa Borchetta announce new divorce tele-group for women

LA  Family

A Little Help Along the Way- How a professional can help

Lisa Borchetta, MACP

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