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Lisa Borchetta,  MACP,  CMC,  PCC

Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.
                                                   ~ Andre Gide

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Upcoming Groups and Workshops

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Ongoing Groups

Ongoing Tele-group    “Coaching Support Group for Solo Practitioners
Making the most of your time, your practice and yourself.  This group focuses on the unique challenges facing solo practitioners by providing coaching support and peer input.

Previously Offered Groups, Events and Workshops

Creating the Creative” Virtual Group

 “Writer’s Group - Revised Edition”  Group

  “Exploring Your Life’s Passions” Group

 “Manifesting Your Goals” Group

 “Practicing Happiness”  Group

“Women in Transition: A Workshop Exploring the Positives”

“The Exquisite Journey: Our Progression through Life:   Discussion Group for Women”

Other Group, Workshop and Presentation Topics

 “Nurturing Women”                                                                      

“On Becoming One Again: New Tele-Group for Women Facing Divorce”    

“Goal Setting and Stress Management for Law Practitioners”                                                                

“Practicing Happiness: Positive Psychology and the Benefits of Happiness”                                                                

 “Living the Good Life: The New Science of Happiness & Well Being”      


*Please contact us for further details and updates or to register for any Groups and Workshops*

Lisa Borchetta, MACP

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