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Lisa Borchetta,  MA,  PCC

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
                                              ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

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Welcome to Firebird Life Coaching

My Approach/Specialty:

Firebird Life Coaching is owned and operated by me: Lisa Borchetta, MA, PCC.

I believe that each of us has, at our core, a fundamental sense of self, made up of our individual values, goals, strengths and passions and that we are at our best and most productive when our day-to-day lives are aligned with this inner core. 

I assist my clients in connecting with, defining, reviving, redirecting and creating the energy they need to bring this fundamental core into our day-to-day lives.

My approach is infused with the research and findings from the field of Positive Psychology. I assist my clients in gaining the insight necessary to create action plans that: honor their values, utilize their strengths and serve their wants and needs as they move their personal and professional goals forward.

“My passion is helping others to discover their passions and helping them realize their full potential.”

Niche Area:

At my core, I am a generalist and work with a broad range of clients. That said, I do have a few niches in which my practice is primarily focused. Those areas are:

Life Transitions:  I often work with clients who are going through significant life transitions, particularly in the second half of life. Some examples are:

  • Empty nesting,
  • Retirement,
  • Divorce,
  • Relocation,
  • Down-sizing, etc.
  • Divorce
  • Career change

Passion and Integration: I also focus on working with clients looking to connect with and create a full, passionate and integrated life. Some examples here are:

  • Coaching with “creatives”, (artists, writers, musicians, entrepreneurs, etc.)
  • Living a healthy and purposeful lifestyle,
  • Connecting with and/or revitalizing your life’s passions
  • Creating a Whole Life, integrating personal and professional selves, etc.

A Bit about my background:

I am a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation and a Certified Mentor Coach.  I also earned a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology from Antioch University New England and have a background in gerontology and women’s studies.  I have applied my expertise in administrative, research, educational and therapeutic settings and was a senior trainer and mentor for an internationally recognized, ICF approved, training program that specialized in a positive psychology coaching.

I have had a rich and rewarding international coaching practice since 2008 with clients and students from every continent and from a wide array of fields and backgrounds. In addition to coaching individuals and groups, I am public speaker, writer and artist. I live in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts with my life partner and am the proud mother of two amazing young men.

I am forever grateful to be able to support others in creating the lives they want to live and feel deeply privileged to do the work I do. 

Services Provided:

    Individual and Group Coaching

    Workshops - Please contact to discuss customizable programs to meet your needs. Some workshops include:

    • Placing the Stepping Stones: Creating Your Path in the Second Half of Life,
    • Creating the Creative
    • Exploring Your Life's Passions
    • I Remember You! – Getting Back in Touch with Your Core
    • Living the Good Life: Exploring the New Science of Happiness and Well-Being
    • Flying Solo: A Coaching Group for Women Entrepreneurs
    • Where to? An Exploration of the Questions Surrounding Living Options in Later Years

    Keynotes/Public Speaking - Please contact to discuss customizable programs to meet your needs. Some workshops include:

    • Exploring Your Life's Passions
    • The Integrated Self
    • Out of the Woods: Resilience and Reemergence, and the Sweet of the Sweat
    • Creating the Creative: The Art that is in You


Lisa Borchetta is a powerful coach. Just the tone of her voice and her excellent pacing are enough to ground a client as she/he moves forward in the coaching process. As a colleague I have found her to be empathic, insightful, articulate and spiritual. I recommend her enthusiastically and without reservation.
Marjorie Seides, MS, MA, DTR

Lisa's training as a therapist combined with her skills as a coach makes her an awesome coach.  She listens with both her mind and her heart, creating a safe space in which to work.  She hears what I am saying and tunes into the feelings underneath my words.  With one phrase she gently passes the excuses in my head and sees strengths in me I didn't know I had. Lisa's clarity, warmth and caring come through in each moment, making you feel like you have a partner on your path.  
M.C. Baltimore, MD

Working with Lisa is like calling a great friend, who always knows the right thing to say.  She is intuitive, insightful and understands exactly when I need the extra push to move forward.  Because of her coaching skills, I have reached and exceeded goals I struggled with for months before talking with her.  I love working with Lisa!  
Regina – Riva, MD

In a skilled, structured and thoughtful manner, Lisa was able to guide me through the maze of both my choices and my inherent assets and skill sets to determine what the appropriate path or alternate paths might be for me at this time and at my age and stage of life. We would weigh decisions based on economics, life style choices, family and personal priorities and emotional strengths and weaknesses.
Joan Benson, Santa Barbara, CA

Group Testimonials

Lisa did a marvelous job! Encouraging and inspiring with both her own wisdom and the wisdom of others. Thank-you so very much for sharing!  

It was a fabulous way to reconnect with my goals and look at ways to achieve them.

I thought I knew how to effectively transition - I learned I had more tools than I had known!

Lisa was extremely helpful in helping me to realize my own potential. I felt unstuck and like I was moving forward.

Lisa Borchetta, MACP

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